EXAMINER: Mark Isham Spreads Magic on Once Upon A Time

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EXAMINER: Mark Isham Spreads Magic on Once Upon A Time

ABC’s runaway hit television series ONCE UPON A TIME surprised a lot of people. Before it aired, the media panned its creative premise as one that would be cancelled within one season. A lot of folks passed it off as the next LOST-wannabe (nearly all of which that preceded ONCE… proved their lack of worth by dying on the vine). And others were concerned by the very notion of putting yet another twist on our fabled fairy tale heroes (despite being helmed by ABC – an arm of the Disney family).

However, the rich characterization, incredible casting, smooth and intense direction, and clever musicality haven blended seamlessly to create a program that keeps audiences riveted week after week. Spearheading the music aspect of the equation is film composing journeyman Mark Isham, who was nominated for an Academy Award for 1992’s A RIVER RUNS THROUGH IT, won an Emmy in 1997 for EZ STREETS, and most recently was awarded the 2011 Hollywood Music In Media Award for Best Original Film Score for his work on THE WARRIOR.

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