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Mission Statement & Experience

For over twenty years, Costa Communications Inc.’s expertise in new traditional media, promotional tactics and strategic public relations has led to innovative and creative campaigns that offer maximum exposure and optimal impact.
We supplement marketing and advertising efforts, often serving as the primary source for creating name recognition for artists, entertainers, corporations and products.
Costa Communications, Inc. has produced successful marketing and promotion for publishing, music, and entertainment. We’ve brought credibility, respectability and notoriety to many corporate and individual accounts, including
independent record labels, Fortune 500 companies, television programs, high- profile products and Emmy, Oscar®, Grammy and Tony Award winning artists.

Costa has you covered…

We will work with you to create or maintain your unique brand image, whether you’re an individual, an organization, or an entire corporation. Together, we will delineate the marketplace and define your target audiences. We’ll help you identify short and long-term public relations goals and create an effective strategy to accomplish them.